4" Rhaphidophora Dragon Tail

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This variety of rhapidophora is a must-have addition to your indoor jungle. This plant is well known for it's stunning arrow-shaped, split leaves in a striking deep green colour, that can easily grow to massive widths. Rhapidophora has a tendency to grow out and down, but place a moss-covered poll in the soil and watch in awe as this plant clings to it with aerial roots.

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Plant Care

Low - Medium Light

These plants perform well under low to medium light conditions. Place them in a room with a minimal light source or far from sunny windows, and they’re good to go.

Medium Water

Plants with medium or moderate water needs should be watered once or twice a week. They need moist soil throughout the growing season for optimum growth and flowering. Water these plants when the soil is dry to touch.

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Plant Care Tips

Also known as "mini monstera", Rhaphidophora tetrasperma is known for its small, shiny, split leaves. To keep it looking radiant, place your plant in indirect light, to ensure its delicate leaves don't burn. Damp soil is preferred, avoid overwatering. When repotting, use our All purpose soil mix.

Plant Origin

Philodendrons are a huge genus of plants, with most species being found the tropical Americas and West Indies. They can also be found in Africa, Asia, Australia, and some Pacific Islands, but they were artificially introduced.

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