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4" Olive

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Unlike other typical houseplants, Olive Plants are somehow a newcomer into this booming plant craze. Their edible fruits and oil may have made them a distinguished tree. Still, their popularity as decorative indoor plants is one thing worth noting. These low maintenance plants flaunt leathery, dark green leaves with silvery undersides. They also feature small and white flowers that bloom in clusters.


Our plants come in standard grower pots.

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Plant Care

High Light

High light plants require full sunlight to assume their full potential, which means they need at least 6 hours of direct, bright light a day. The brightest spot in your home is the best place to put them.

Low - Medium Water

Plants with low to medium water requirements need at least once a week of watering. Water these plants when the soil feels dry to touch.

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Plant Care Tips

We provide Arbequina olives, which are known to produce fruit under proper conditions. Keep this plant in lots of sunlight, they prefer 4-8 hours a day. When repotting, use our All Purpose soil mix.

Plant Origin

A cultivated variety of olive, Arbequina olives are mostly grown Catalonia, Spain.

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