2.5" String of Turtles

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It is easy to see how String of Turtles get their name after you see their long trailing vines covered in 
beautiful leaves that resemble the shell of a turtle. Keep these plants in bright indirect light, else you might see large empty gaps between leaves. Put this succulent-like plant in a hanging basket and watch as it cascades over the sides. 



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Cactus & Succulent

Plant Feature

Plant Care

Medium - High Light

Plants that require medium to high light will grow best in sunny spots where they can receive filtered or direct sunlight. They make the perfect plants for any well-lit room in your house.

Low Water

Low water plants only need watering once a week or once every two weeks. Allow the soil to dry completely before the next watering.

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Plant Care Tips

String of Heats bring a unique look, with their incredibly long vines with heart shaped leaves. These succulent like plants prefer bright-indirect light and dryer soil. When repotting or propagating cuttings, we reccomend using our arid cactus and succulent mix.

Plant Origin

String of Hearts are found in southern Africa, native from Zimbabwae to eastern South Africa.

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