2.5" Gasteria Succulent

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Also known as "Ox Tongue", this succulent is a wonderful and unique addition to your collection. This succulent is known for its long, speckled, thick leaves and rough exterior. Like most succulents this variety is known for its low maintenance, just place by a bright window and watch it grow! But wait until they come into bloom, and their bell-shaped flowers will surely make a statement.


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Medium - High Light

Plants that require medium to high light will grow best in sunny spots where they can receive filtered or direct sunlight. They make the perfect plants for any well-lit room in your house.

Low Water

Low water plants only need watering once a week or once every two weeks. Allow the soil to dry completely before the next watering.

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Plant Care Tips

This variety of succulents are often found growing under shrubs and in rocky crevices, as they prefer partially shaded areas. Some varieties produce plentiful amounts of pups, which can be removed and transplanted. Like most succulents, they prefer an arid soil, so use our Cactus and Succulent soil when repotting.

Plant Origin

Gasteria is a genus of succulent plants that are native to South Africa.

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