2.5" Grafted Moon Cactus

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It’s hard to mistake a Grafted Cactus when you see one. You’d quickly notice a cute and brightly-colored sicon (usually a Moon Cactus) sitting atop another type of cactus, like Hylocereus, that acts as the rootstock. Because a Grafted Cactus is a fusion of two different cacti, its appearance, size, and color usually vary. Its upper part can be yellow, orange, purple, or red, depending on the variety of sicon used. Older plants sometimes bloom with pink flowers.


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Cactus & Succulent

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Plant Care Tips

This plant is is named a grafted cactus because it is actually 2 different plants “Grafted” together. The green stem provides food to the chlorophyll-less ‘Moon Cactus” colourful top. Will survive in high light, but prefers medium.

Plant Origin

The ‘Moon Cactus’ top, as well as the base, a rootstock cactus often Hylocereus undatus, are both native to Central and South America. The colourful ‘Moon Cactus’,typically Gymnocalycium mihanovichii lacks chlorophyll is not found in nature.

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