Orchids are known for their exotic flair and beautiful blooms that come in different colors and sizes. A wide range of orchid types are available, and most of them exhibit the same characteristics. Orchid flowers have three petals and three sepals. They also have a lip and a waxy tube-like structure called a column. With their vivid and unique flowers, orchids are a sure way to add color in your home or office.

Plant Type

Specialty plants are usually rare and unusual plants. Because these plants may be hard to find, a bit challenging to grow, or grow out of season, they make a unique addition to your houseplant collection.

Plant Feature

These are the perfect plants to keep in your home, even if you have curious pets that chew on almost everything – including plants. They are safe and non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about your plants poisoning your cats and dogs.

Even the kids can enjoy growing and caring for these plants since they are easy to grow, safe, and non-toxic. Kid-friendly plants will surely help make your home nice-looking without having to worry about skin irritation, allergies, or plant poisoning.

These are plants that can be grown in your bedroom. Usually requiring little to no maintenance, bedroom plants help you get a good night’s sleep with their air-purifying abilities and relaxing ambiance.

Light Care

Medium - High Light
Plants that require medium to high light will grow best in sunny spots where they can receive filtered or direct sunlight. They make the perfect plant for any well-lit room in your house.

Water Care

Medium Water
Plants with medium or moderate water needs should be watered once or twice a week. They need moist soil throughout the growing season for optimum growth and flowering. Water these plants when the soil is dry to touch.

Fertilizer Care

Medium Fertilizer
Regular application of fertilizers will help these plants achieve their best performance and vigor. Applying moderate fertilizer to these plants is ideal.



Plant Care Tips

One of the most prolific blooming orchid varieties, Phalaenopsis also known as ‘Moth Orchids’ bring a vibrant blossom to any home. A great first step into the wonderful world of orchids. When watering, we recommend against the classic ice cube method. Instead, soak the roots in water for 5 minutes, and allow to drain fully. When repotting, use our Orchid bark mix, as orchids prefer a looser medium than traditional soil.


Phalaenopsis orchids can be found across southeast Asia, China, India and Australia. The majority of which are found in the hot and humid regions of Indonesia and the Philippines.