Here's an assortment of Calathea, these plants are very unique to each other by sporting different shapes, sizes, and colours, so you have plenty of options to choose from! As nighttime approaches expect the leaves close and reopen as daylight breaks. Calatheas make a great indoor houseplant for shelves, countertops, or desks.

Plant Type

Foliage plants are recognized for their striking, decorative, and show-stopping leaves. Add them to your home for a touch of greenery and cleaner air.

Plant Feature

Air Purifying
These are plants that help remove pollutants from the air through their attractive leaves and roots. They make the perfect houseplant in rooms where airflow is limited.

Low Light
These plants can thrive in even the darkest corner in your room. Though typically slow-growing, they still adorn your space with a touch of greenery.

Light Care

Low - Medium Light
These plants perform well under low to medium light conditions. Place them in a room with a minimal light source or far from sunny windows, and they’re good to go.

Water Care

Medium Water
Plants with medium or moderate water needs should be watered once or twice a week. They need moist soil throughout the growing season for optimum growth and flowering. Water these plants when the soil is dry to touch.

Fertilizer Care

Low Fertilizer
These plants would appreciate a regular application of fertilizers during the growing season. They aren’t heavy feeders, and feeding at low rates is enough for these low-fertilizer plants to grow well.



Plant Care

Calathea's originate from the amazon and are found on the forest floor. Place your plant in an area where it can receive filtered or indirect light to ensure the leaves of the Calathea don't burn. Allow the soil to dry out half-way between watering's. When repotting we recommend using our All Purpose soil.


This plant comes from the jungles of the Amazon in South America.