Banana Plant

While the most common Banana Plant is cultivated for its edible fruits, some varieties make an excellent houseplant. Thanks to the extraordinary display of lush foliage and white blooms, this tropical fruit tree has tropical charm that fits  any dull space in your home or office. Many love its broad, paddle-shaped leaves in a spiral-like form that fan out beautifully. The Banana Plant helps purify the air indoors.

Plant Type

Tropical plants grow naturally in tropical areas where the climate is hot and humid. Easy to grow indoors, these plants add an exotic flair to your home with a vivid display of striking blooms and attractive foliage.

Plant Feature

Pet Friendly
These are the perfect plants to keep in your home, even if you have curious pets that chew on almost everything – including plants. They are safe and non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about your plants poisoning your cats and dogs.

Air Purifying
These are plants that help remove pollutants from the air through their attractive leaves and roots. They make the perfect houseplant in rooms where airflow is limited.

Light Care

High Light
High light plants require full sunlight to assume their full potential, which means they need at least 6 hours of direct, bright light a day. The brightest spot in your home is the best place to put them.

Water Care

High Water
These plants require frequent irrigation to achieve the best performance. They need watering 3 to 4 times a week since these plants are typically fast-growing and shallow-rooted.

Fertilizer Care

Medium Fertilizer
Regular application of fertilizers will help these plants achieve their best performance and vigor. Applying moderate fertilizer to these plants is ideal.



Plant Care Tips

Our variety is a Super Dwarf Cavendish, which is able to produce fruit in optimal conditions. This is a challenge outside of the southern United States without greenhouse conditions. This variety grows to a maximum of 3 feet, and produces smaller fruit than classic Cavendish plants. Do not allow this plant to get cold. When repotting we recommend using our All Purpose Potting mix.


A cultivated variety of the banana species Musa acuminata, which is native to Southeast Asia.