4" Prayer Plant

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Maranta leuconeura, or more commonly known as the Prayer Plant, is a one-of-a-kind foliage plant that flaunts a striking display of patterned foliage. The name originated from the fact that the unique-looking leaves remain flat during the day but fold up, resembling praying hands, at night. The decorative foliage is usually tri-coloured, featuring deep green, velvet-like sheets with red veins and yellow splotches along the center. The Prayer Plant makes a great indoor houseplant for shelves, window sills, or desks.


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Medium Light

These plants need filtered or dappled sunlight. You would want to place them in a well-lit room with windows, but away from direct light. A sunny window with sheer curtains is also a good idea.

Medium - High Water

These are plants that need regular watering twice a week or once every five days or so. For these plants, it’s best to keep the soil evenly moist and watered.

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Plant Care Tips

Prayer plants, named for their leaves that shift upwards in the evening, are easy to care for, but have a few distinct requirements. Keep the soil moist, but not soggy, and place this plant ina humid enviorment like a bathroom. Although they can tolerate lower light conditions, you will notice your Prayer plant's leaves not fully unfurling if they aren't given enough light.

Plant Origin

Part of the Marantaceae plant family, prayer plants are native to the tropical forests of Brazil.

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