4" Chinese Evergreen Red Siam

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Aglaonema, commonly known as Chinese Evergreen, are a famed ornamental plant that is best known for it's attractive foliage. This Chinese Evergreen exhibits breathtaking large, red, speckled leaves that have a leather-like texture and can grow to be at least three feet tall! But wait until they come into bloom with flowers that bear a similar resemblance to a peace lily.

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Plant Type


Plant Care

Low - Medium Light

These plants perform well under low to medium light conditions. Place them in a room with a minimal light source or far from sunny windows, and they’re good to go.

Low - Medium Water

Plants with low to medium water requirements need at least once a week of watering. Water these plants when the soil feels dry to touch.

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Plant Care Tips

The chinese evergreen is known for having beautiful, large, speckled leaves. To keep these leaves radiant, place the plant in an area where it can receive filtered or indirect light. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings and be careful not to overwater. When repotting we recommend using our All Purpose soil.

Plant Origin

The chinese evergreen is native to South-East Asia: the plant can be found in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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