2.5" Sansevieria Shark Fin

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Also known as the "Whale Fin", this sansevieria exhibits wide, mottled leaves giving it the appearance of a fin. Like other types of Snake Plants, this charming cultivar requires little maintenance and thrives even under neglect. Plus, they help clean the air and are a wonderful addition to any plant parent's family.


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Plant Care

Low - Medium Light

These plants perform well under low to medium light conditions. Place them in a room with a minimal light source or far from sunny windows, and they’re good to go.

Low - Medium Water

Plants with low to medium water requirements need at least once a week of watering. Water these plants when the soil feels dry to touch.

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Plant Care Tips

Sansevieria are another perfect plant for beginners. They are capable of going without water for long periods, and thrive in low light conditions. Good for people who vacation frequently, but still want the flair of live plants in their home. When repotting, use our all purpose soil mix.

Plant Origin

This specific kind of sansevieria originates from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in central Africa.

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