2.5" Aloe Vera

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One of the most forgiving and beginner-friendly houseplants you’d find is an Aloe Vera. Great for either indoors or outdoors in the summer, it has gained popularity for its striking blue-green, green, or grey-green leaves, health benefits, and air-purifying ability. The leaves of this short-stemmed succulent are thick and fleshy, with some varieties exhibiting white specks on the surface and serrated margins. Matured aloe vera plants show a beautiful display of long flowering stems.


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Plants that require medium to high light will grow best in sunny spots where they can receive filtered or direct sunlight. They make the perfect plants for any well-lit room in your house.

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Low water plants only need watering once a week or once every two weeks. Allow the soil to dry completely before the next watering.

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Plant Care Tips

The most well known of a large genus, Aloe Vera is beloved for its healing properties. It can be used to treat cuts, and burns, as is also used in food and cosmetic products. Pups are produced, which can be be removes and replanted.

Plant Origin

Originally being found in the Arabian Peninsual,Aloe Vera grows wild in tropical, semi-tropical and arid environments around the world.

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