String of Pearls

Also called String of Beads, this succulent is known for its delicate, pearl-like leaves adorned across viny stems. Perfect for a hanging basket or the edge of a shelf, the cascading stems will be sure to catch the eye. Make sure you keep this succulent in a well-lit area, and beware of overwatering.

Plant Type

Cactus & Succulent
Cactus and succulents are known for their thickened, fleshy parts that function as water storage. These hardy and low-maintenance plants need little to no attention.

Plant Feature

These are plants that you do not have to water too often and are excellent in various lighting conditions. This makes them perfect for any room in your house.

Light Care

Medium Light
These plants need filtered or dappled sunlight. You would want to place them in a well-lit room with windows, but away from direct light. A sunny window with sheer curtains is also a good idea.

Water Care

Low - Medium Light
These plants perform well under low to medium light conditions. Place them in a room with a minimal light source or far from sunny windows, and they’re good to go.

Fertilizer Care

Low Fertilizer
These plants would appreciate a regular application of fertilizers during the growing season. They aren’t heavy feeders, and feeding at low rates is enough for these low-fertilizer plants to grow well.



Plant Care Tips

With its trailing viny stems dotted with round, pearl-like leaves, String of Pearls stand out in hanging baskets. Easy to propagate, the cuttings of this succulent can be planted in their own pots, or added to the main plant to fill out its shape. When planting or repotting, we recommend using our cactus and succulent mix.


String of Pearls are native to South Africa, where they can be found growing at the base of rocks and other plants.