Baby Tears

While the Baby Tears plant may be delicate looking, they are easy to maintain and are sure to add a pop of colour to any indoor space. The leaves of this tropical plant grow in dense clusters, which make it perfect for hanging baskets or trailing over the edge or terrariums.

Plant Type

Tropical plants grow naturally in tropical areas where the climate is hot and humid. Easy to grow indoors, these plants add an exotic flair to your home with a vivid display of striking blooms and attractive foliage.

Plant Feature

Pet Friendly
These are the perfect plants to keep in your home, even if you have curious pets that chew on almost everything – including plants. They are safe and non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about your plants poisoning your cats and dogs.

Even the kids can enjoy growing and caring for these plants since they are easy to grow, safe, and non-toxic. Kid-friendly plants will surely help make your home nice-looking without having to worry about skin irritation, allergies, or plant poisoning.

Light Care

Medium Light
These plants need filtered or dappled sunlight. You would want to place them in a well-lit room with windows, but away from direct light. A sunny window with sheer curtains is also a good idea.

Water Care

Medium Water
Plants with medium or moderate water needs should be watered once or twice a week. They need moist soil throughout the growing season for optimum growth and flowering. Water these plants when the soil is dry to touch.

Fertilizer Care

Medium Fertilizer
Regular application of fertilizers will help these plants achieve their best performance and vigor. Applying moderate fertilizer rates to these plants is ideal.



Plant Care

With small leaves, growing on dense vines that form dense mats, Baby Tear's are well known for their robust growing habits. To keep these plants happy and healthy, make sure to keep them in bright, indirect sunlight and make sure their soil is moist but not soggy. Terrariums are a good home for Baby Tear's becuase of it prefernce for high humidity enviorments. When repotting, we reccomend out All Purpose Potting Soil.


A member of the nettle family, this evergreen is native to the Mediterranean, specifically Corsica and Sardinia.